Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hillary Clinton Comes Begging to Hong Kong

A somewhat fatter then she used to be, Hillary Clinton (non elected) will be visiting Hong Kong around the end of the month. Residents should not really be alarmed at this as it is just for one day and then she`ll be gone.

Hillary Clinton Donald Tsang Dancing

The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is on her holiday an East Asian Tour which includes a visit to the Special Administrative Region.
It is thought that she will meet with some members of the Legislative Council(semi elected) and have a little chat about freedoms and democracy. On the other hand she will also meet with your Chief Executive, Donald Tsang (not elected).

To be real, most of her visit around the rim will be to try and install some confidence in the USA. Unless you have been on the same medications as Amy Winehouse then your know the USA is in a bad shape.

The cash flow of Government income is running dry much like the drought sweeping across the country. Asian investors hold a large stash of US Government bonds and with the approaching inability to service debts then there could be an unwillingness to buy more bonds. At worst it could see a massive selling spree of bonds as investors feel the toxicity.

It is not clear if Mrs Clinton stayed for afternoon teatime dim sum but she was soon across the border and in to China,. Mr Tsang danced for joy allegedly.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hong Kongers Get Rent Free Accommodation

The Hong Kong Government is once again offering sweeteners to the local population. This time residents of Government Accommodation will have two rent free months.

Renovating Bathroom Hong Kong

While those in charge of the Special Administrative Region are increasing the Duty on Cigarettes and Tobacco to extortionate levels, the caring side seems to be giving it all back.

Just after the announcement of giving every resident a payment HK$6,000 into their bank accounts those in charge are on a roll with more gifts.

Tenants of The Governments Housing Authority will receive two free months rental in August and September this year.  According to the Government this is to counter effect the effects of inflation which has recently rocked around the world.
Just under 700,000 families will benefit from the rent allowance and will cost nearly HK$2 billion to the Government.

The Current Appointed Administration's term in power will soon be coming to an end next year in 2012. The more cynical group of Hong Kong residents will see these sweeteners to gain favor for the next elected appointed leader of the SAR.

Whatever the reasons behind the apparent generosity, local residents will gain a little to make their life a little bit more happier.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sanctions For Africa From Hong Kong

Hong Kong is flexing its muscles with sanctions against African Countries.
United Nations Logo
Two countries are now feeling the might of the Special Administrative Region. The first in line is Libya with the implementation of the United Nations sanctions against the country. There are unconfirmed reports that General Qaddafi is absolutely shocked at the news from Hong Kong.

Mr. Qaddafi was said to have been disappointed that he could not come to Hong Kong and go out to buy some splendid shoes. This was recommended to him by a Mr. Robert Mugabe who has a residence in Hong Kong and is often spotted out trying on the quality fitting shoes that is on offer.

The Ivory Coast is also feeling the brunt of sanctions. You cannot miss the dazzling sparkle of the Jewellery shops around the streets of Hong Kong and now their source maybe at risk. The importation of rough diamonds which are more commonly known as blood diamonds has been banned.

Also banned is the transfer of Vehicles. The is going to hit the local industry quite hard which, I believe is not existent.

Partly true and Partly made up.

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Sky100 a Panoramic View to Remember

Visitors to Hong Kong can now get a view of the city never seen before. The recently opened Sky100 observation deck in the International Commerce Center.

International Commerce Center Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some amazing skylines and a popular visit is a trip up to The Peak. The view from the hilltop offers spectacular views towards the Kowloon side of the territory.

The recently build International Commerce Center now offers a view of from the Kowloon side that has never really been available to the public before.

At a height of 393 meters above Victoria Harbor the Sky100 observation deck offers breathtaking panoramic views back towards Hong Kong Island and the Hills in the background. The Sky100 gives a wide view which also encompasses Lanta Island and towards Chek Lap Kok international Airport.

Hong Kong does have it`s gray days when the clouds are low or the pollution levels rise. Should this ever happen on your trip then you can still experience the atmosphere with recoded images - of so it`s not the best idea.

Like the views from The Peak, daytime and night offer contrasting scenes that you will never want to miss. If your lucky you may also catch the nightly Festival Of Light show or one of the amazing firework displays over Victoria Harbor.

The completion of the International Commerce Center makes it the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong and currently the worlds fourth tallest building.

The cost for this fantastic memory will start at HK$125 which is about US$15.

Image via As I see it

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hong Kong’s Floating Casinos

Hong Kong is a mirror image with is sister SAR, Macau. On the former Portuguese colony casinos have become abundant. Hong Kong on the other hand has shunned this practice on open gambling.

 Cruise Ship at Ocena Terminal Hong Kong

While not illegal in the territory, it is strictly controlled for the local population. The main player here is the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) which offers a little thrill for a win on horse racing and the recently introduced football games.

The HKJC also runs the Mark 6 Lottery which runs every week and can make millionaires out of anybody with a lucky winning ticket. Profits from these ventures are reintroduced into the community in the for of good causes along with the promoting of sporting activities.

Gamblers who want a bigger thrill must look offshore and many venture on the short ferry (or helicopter) trip over to Macau.

However there is one alternative and that is taking a cruise. Gambling ships or Floating Casinos regularly make trips from Hong Kong's Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui to often no apparent destination. Cruise Liners depart laden with punters regularly who want to play the high roller while rolling about on the ocean waves. Once in international waters the liners open their tables and business can begin.

At one time the Floating Casinos seemed like they would sail their last trip but now business is booming. So much so that bookings must be made well in advance. The future also looks bright for rolling the dice.

The former Hong Hong airport, Kai Tak, is finally after many years being developed into a cruise liner terminal. Along with the many international voyages arriving and departing there should be a few more that will just take you on a trip to the tables.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Scarlet Fever Hits the Territory

Hong Kong is currently undergoing a slight health scare. Scarlet Fever is quietly taking out children across the region and the health authorities say it might get worse before it gets better.

chinese hospital

Being a relatively newcomer to Hong Kong there are lot of little aspects of life that a completely new experience. Health is one of them and the step from a colder part of the world to the warm, humidity of Hong Kong and Asia is going to reveal health concern that were far from my mind.

The current health risk is an outbreak of Scarlet Fever among children and has already caused some deaths. The last death reported by Scarlet fever in Hong Kong was over 10 years ago and this year the infection rate is more than 3 times the number of cases last year. Mainland China has also seen an increased rate of infections.

Young Children are more prone to the infection which causes a sore throat, rash and a raised temperature. Luckily the disease can be eliminated with some forms of antibiotics, more so if caught early.

According to the regions health officials, this is a mutant strain of the bacteria which probably explains why the infection rate is extremely high.

Currently over 600 cases of the infection have been reported. This is nothing like the devastating SARS epidemic in  2003 which was completely unknown and much more virile.

Image: TopNews

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Millionaires in Hong Kong On the Up

The Territory has seen large rise in the number of millionaires this year. A recent annual survey Citibank indicated that this year has seen the biggest jump since recording began 8 years ago.


Over half a million people now have liquid assets of over a million dollars. This is out of a population just under seven million.

The massive increase in wealth is put down to the ongoing property market and extortionate rents charged for tenants in both residential and business sectors.
Over the border in China things are looking good for a lucky few. The number there has doubled to 115 people with over a million billion dollars. China is currently sitting second after the USA in the league for billionaires. The continuing growth in China can only see this gap narrowing quickly in the years to come.